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There are two things in my life: My Art and everything else that keeps me from My Art.
My projects are like Puppies jumping all over me. They keep me up late at night and drag me out of bed in the morning.
My favorite painting is always the one I am about to start on.
My art is like a puzzle that I am creating and solving in tandem. I love that euphoric release I get when an idea pops into my head, or when I solve a problem or save a painting I am about to give-up on.
I always have two or three paintings going at a time and a running list of ideas begging for attention.
My art is about the silly side of life. I want to tease and be teased – laugh and share laughs. I love puns and non-sequiturs, and lampooning cultural icons – a poke at the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Most of all, I love the female form. A curvy woman is like a chew toy for the puppy of the soul.

Rich Wilkie