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The title of this Oil Painting is "Kitty Loves Her New Chain Saw." And why shouldn't she. It would be sexist to think that she would be incapable of marching out into a forest and falling a mighty oak – Or something…

A friend remarked, "This is almost sacrilege." To wit I responded, "All most?" She evidently has a high threshold for sacrilege. Then again, is it sacrilege to satirize a merchandising icon, whose only function is to suck every last penny out of young girls?

The yin and yang in her face is a happy accident – One of those unplanned surprises that ends up adding to the whole. It fits right in with the duality of the cute and innocent Hello Kitty holding a heavy-duty power tool. And in this world of mass marketing cross over commercialism, it makes perfect sense. – On Sale Now for only $3,000.00 plus tax and shipping.